With the current landscape of meetings ever changing as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is understandable that conference organisers may be feeling lost when it comes to planning their next event.

Changing restrictions across the country and uncertainty over the next few months undoubtedly make it difficult to start the planning process. Additionally, the developments that have been made with hybrid and virtual events mean that organisers are left with more choice than ever about how their conference could be held – whether this is face-to-face, virtually, or a mix of both.

We’ve highlighted 3 key benefits of each to help you decide which format could work best for you.

Face to Face Events

With many in person events being rescheduled and postponed over the past year, there is a real desire for face to face events to re-start and to allow delegates to get together in the same room.

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1. Enhanced Atmosphere

There is no denying that the buzz of an in-person event certainly offers a good atmosphere for all attendees. With less distractions, delegates can focus on the meeting content and are more likely to engage in sessions through face to face interaction. There are also more opportunities for social activities such as team building exercises or conference dinners.

 2. Networking Opportunities

Although many web conference platforms have capacity for virtual networking and exhibition opportunities, it may be all too easy for delegates to avoid this in a virtual setting.

Attending meetings and conferences are a great way for like-minded people to come together, with networking often just as valuable as the meeting content itself.

 3. Creating a Memory

Face to face events have the opportunity to create a lasting impact on attendees. The rounded experience of attending a conference with memorable keynotes, engaging breakouts and interacting with peers creates a memory and is more likely to be remembered than a series of on-line sessions.

With 15 versatile meeting spaces to choose from, the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel has plenty of choice for your next face to face event. Find out more about our conference facilities here.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events allow for a mix of in-person delegates to attend, whilst also reaching a virtual audience.

1. Best of Both Worlds

Hybrid meetings offer the best of both worlds, giving delegates the choice to participate in a way that works best for them. Organisers can still offer a face to face option for those who would like to attend in person, but aren’t excluding anyone who is unable to travel or would prefer to join remotely.

 2. Reduced Resources

Reducing the number of in-person delegates will naturally reduce the amount of resources that a conference needs. With part of the audience joining online, hybrid events may not need the same size or number of meeting rooms as a face-to-face conference. Additionally, with less delegates attending at the venue, organisers will save on the costs of catering and producing conference consumables, such as delegate badges and pens etc.

3. Half way point in return to normality

In a time of uncertainty, hybrid events may be seen as the half way point in returning to normal life. Meeting room capacities may be reduced to allow for social distancing and localised travel restrictions may mean that delegates are unable, or perhaps unwilling to attend in person. A hybrid event will allow for a meeting to take place in some form and may be a good way for organisers to test the water before planning a fully face-to-face event.

To find out more about how we can help with your next hybrid event, view our Hybrid Meetings and Online Events brochure

Virtual Events

With no in-person attendees, an online meeting is streamed to all participants wherever they may be.

1. Wider Reach

Organisers have the opportunity to reach a wider audience with a fully virtual event. Delegates may be more likely to attend online rather than travel a long distance. A virtual programme also offers the opportunity for participants to dip in and out of sessions, rather than committing to attending a full conference over one or two days.

2. On Demand Sessions

We consume most of our media on demand nowadays and conference and meeting content is no different. Virtual events can be recorded and watched back at leisure, meaning that attendees are no longer excluded if they are unable to attend on the day.

At the Golden Jubilee, speakers also have the opportunity to pre-record sessions in our studio space beforehand, ensuring a polished and professional presentation.

 3. More sustainable

With less delegates travelling to attend in person, virtual events allow organisers to cut down on their carbon footprint. Less food provided will reduce food waste, and there is no need for single use items such as delegate badges and conference programmes – all working towards creating a greener, more sustainable planet.

At the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we have the facilities to help with your next event, whatever format you choose. Get in touch with our Sales Team for more information on 0141 951 6003 or at conferences@goldenjubilee.scot.nhs.uk