Golden Jubilee Hotel given major eco-boost by ocean paddling guest

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The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel has signed a pledge to be part of the #20PercentLess campaign. The hotel aims to lower single-use plastic by at least 20 per cent over the next five years in support of the national green initiative to lower the Hotel’s carbon footprint. The pledge is led by the Meetings Industry Association and the hotel has joined other Venue of Excellence members in supporting it.

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, which also holds the Green Tourism Gold Accreditation for its commitment to sustainability, recently hosted ocean advocate Cal Major on a film tour of her renowned eco work. Hotel Director Bronagh Bell took the opportunity to talk about Cal’s World Record-breaking achievements in stand-up paddleboarding and sought advice for other ways in which the Hotel can better protect the environment. Bronagh said:

“At the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we know that plastic pollution is a global problem with terrible far-reaching consequences. That’s why we have committed to reducing single-use plastic on our site. We have recently signed a pledge to be part of the 20PercentLess campaign. We aim to lower our plastic use by twenty per cent year on year over the next five years.”

Record-breaker Ms Major was staying in the hotel while touring for her film ‘Vitamin Sea’, which shows her become the first and fastest person to stand-up paddleboard the length of mainland UK. The record-breaking journey along 1000 miles of coastline shows some of the positive things coastal communities are doing to tackle plastic pollution. Founded in 2016, Paddle Against Plastic is an organisation set up to spread the word about plastic pollution. Using her adventures to capture peoples’ imagination, Cal highlights the amount of plastic in the ocean and promotes positive change by offering simple solutions. Talking about the hotel’s efforts to reduce their use of single-use plastic, Ms Major said:

“I support the Golden Jubilee in its positive efforts in helping tourism become more eco-friendly. Signing up to initiatives like the 20percentless campaign shows how important it is that we all try and do our bit to end plastic pollution. We need to reconnect and look after our local nature. It’s easy to say that to someone who lives by the sea because they can go to the coastline and spend time there and see the problems but even in Glasgow you can see the effect plastic pollution has on the Clyde”.

Bronagh Bell added: “Having the hotel on the banks of the Clyde brings home the impact of plastic on marine life.  As such, we’ve made a decision aimed at reducing single-use plastics in the hotel which underscores how important we believe it is to continuously find ways to reduce our environmental impact. It’s a huge priority for us because we feel a huge social responsibility to our local area, our customers and our staff.

“Our guests are looking to us to make changes that will create a meaningful difference for the environment while not sacrificing the quality service and experience they expect from our hotel.  We are taking forward a number of initiatives including supporting our guests and delegates to use less plastic. The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel is committed to ensuring that the environment is safeguarded for future generations. We are continually improving our performance through our active environmental policy.”

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