Our top priority is keeping you, our guests, safe; whether you are here as a conference delegate, on a leisure break, a member of our health club or a business traveller.  Here are some of the measures we have introduced:


  1. A remote check-in facility via our GJCH app, allowing you to check in prior to arrival and for your bedroom key to be pre-cut and waiting for you.
  2. Staggered check in/check out times to reduce guest cross over.


During your stay

  1. Physically distanced queuing systems throughout the hotel, as well as one-way entry / exit systems.
  2. Guest flow management by reducing the number of bedrooms in use at one time.


Cleaning Regimes

  1. Enhanced and increased cleaning regimes and hygiene standards throughout the hotel, with public areas and toilets cleaned more frequently.


Conferences and Events

  1. Seating capacities have been adjusted to ensure appropriate physical distancing.
  2.  All our conference rooms have been equipped with plug and play web conference technology that delivers studio quality video and sounds across any platform.  Our conference rooms also have as standard a seamless, wireless, conference solution that can be used on any device which will bring teams together, wherever in the world they are.
  3. Hot drink machines installed in every conference room and freshly-stocked each morning by our Conference Service team.



  1. Physical distancing for all our dining areas with timeslots encouraged for booking and increased options for in-room dining for residential guests.


Public Areas 

  1. Sanitisation stations introduced at various points throughout the hotel. Brochures and newspapers removed from public display but available on request.


Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our Front Office team regarding future bookings on 0141 951 6000 or email reservations@goldenjubilee.scot.nhs.uk.  Our Reception Desk is manned 24/7.  

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The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel is committed to offering a four-star dining experience to all of our delegates and guests. We have undertaken a thorough and extensive review to ensure that all aspects of our food service delivery continues to be safe.

The safety of our delegates is very important to us and the changes that we are putting in place will take into account physical distancing and enhanced hygiene measures, whilst also delivering our usual high quality service.

Food Safety Plan

1. Safety is the responsibility of everyone in our business and staff training is an invaluable method in helping our team understand their responsibility and how we can operate safely.

2.  We will offer 3 different types of Food & Beverage service:

    • Contact Free
    • Limited Contact
    • Normal Service

3.  Reduced Menus – to recognise the availability of fresh, local ingredients and physical distancing within our kitchen.

4.  Use of our mobile app to allow customers to order food and drink, minimising the need for printed menus

5.  Increase our In room dining service offering

6.  Sanitisation stations located in our restaurants, bar and lobby areas.

7.  Promoting cashless transactions


Conference Food

For our conference delegates our contact-free food offering will consist of prepacked “grab and go” meals prepared by our team of award winning chefs using the best local produce. We will also offer our Bento box lunch as an alternative to allow for private in room conference dining.


Food at Home

Bored during lockdown? We’ve developed our most popular menu items into easy-to-follow recipes to allow you to sample at home. From Chocolate Brownies to Chilli Lime Chicken, what’s your favourite?


Food for Health

We believe in eating the right foods. Our team at the Centre for Health & Wellbeing has provided us with some simple tips to help us while we are working from home, home schooling and looking after loved ones.

  • Drink plenty of fluids – staying hydrated can help increase our cognitive functions and allow us to be more alert
  • Exercise more –  even a simple brisk walk will help release endorphins, which is a natural chemical in our brains that helps us to feel good.
  • Eat regularly – this keeps our metabolism active and can help prevent tiredness
  • Eat your 5 portions of fruit and veg a day – they contain essential vitamins and minerals.

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel continues to be committed to offering a first class environment for meetings and events.

The safety of our delegates is of paramount importance to us. Our conference rooms are configured to ensure a safe and professional setting for your meeting, as well as providing access to video conferencing technology to support virtual and hybrid meetings.

The changes that we have made take into account physical distancing and enhanced hygiene measures whilst also continuing to deliver our usual high quality service.


Meeting Rooms

We have revised our meeting room capacities to take into account current physical distancing measures. Our spaces can still be adapted to a range of layout styles to meet with your individual needs but will now also ensure meetings can take place at a safe distance from others.

Please find details of our revised room capacities below:


Theatre Boardroom U Shape Classroom Cabaret
2m 1m 2m 1m 2m 1m 2m 1m 2m 1m
Auditorium 19 50 - - - - - - - -
Innovation Centre 14 28 8 12 10 20 12 24 9 6
Inspiration Space* 27 54 20 40 22 48 27 54 27 27
Dalhanna 12 24 8 12 6 10 8 12 12 12
Clyde Room 12 24 10 18 10 18 12 18
Arcoona 32 64 - - - - 30 60 30 30
Arcoona 1 20 40 10 20 13 26 20 40 18 18
Agamemnon* 12 24 10 20 8 16 10 20 12 12
Cameronia* 9 18 8 16 6 12 9 16
Berwick 4 6 4 6 - - - - - -
Zaza 4 6 4 6 - - - - - -

* These rooms can be split to form smaller areas. Please contact our Sales Team on 0141 951 6003 for more details.


We have also carefully considered how best to manage the flow of people throughout the venue, as well as entrance and exit points of specific areas. These will be clearly displayed through floor markings and signage across the hotel.

In addition to our 15 meeting rooms, we have various outdoor areas with picturesque views of the River Clyde. Why not embrace the great outdoors and consider an open air space for your meeting or event?


Enhanced Hygiene

We have increased our cleaning procedures and have put extra steps in place to minimise risk and maintain a safe and hygienic environment throughout the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel.

Our Conference Team ensures that each meeting space has been fully cleaned and sanitised before each use, paying particular attention to high touch areas such as door handles, light switches, audio visual equipment, tables and chairs.

Each of our meeting rooms contains a Sanitisation Kit including alcohol based hand rub, sanitising cleaning wipes and tissues. Delegates are encouraged to clean their hands upon entering their meeting room.

Our public areas and toilets are being cleaned more frequently and printed brochures and newspapers are now available on request rather than being on public display.



Technology is now more important than ever in allowing an event to reach the same audience if large numbers cannot travel and meet in the same space.

Accordingly, we have adapted all our conference rooms to equip them with plug and play web conference technology that delivers 4K Ultra High-Definition video with studio quality audio across any platform. Our conference rooms now have as standard a wireless conference solution that can be used on any device which will bring teams together, wherever they are in the world.

We can facilitate a range of virtual meetings, offering solutions for on-site events, a fully virtual audience, or a hybrid mix of the two. What’s more, our expert technical team will work with you before and after each meeting to ensure a smooth, stress-free, event.

This gives conference organisers the option to link across several meeting rooms here in the hotel - enabling larger groups to be split over a number of areas to maintain social distancing, whilst still getting the same on-site experience that they expect.

Additionally, up to 200 devices can join remotely to view the same content and participate using various new exciting online tools, such as the chat box, online breakout rooms and polling function. Sessions can also be streamed live via social media platforms to a larger audience and a recording of the event can be made available to access on demand.

Our team are on hand to discuss your requirements and will tailor a solution to your individual needs. We can provide the equipment and support to ensure that your event is delivered smoothly and professionally to both virtual and in-person audiences.

Speak with our team about your requirements and how we can help host a hybrid or virtual event. Email conferences@goldenjbuilee.scot.nhs.uk with your contact details and one of our team will get in touch.


Conference Food and Drink

We have made changes to the way that food and drink will be served at your meeting or event.

Fully sanitised tea and coffee stations are now located in each meeting room to minimise contact in public areas.

Coffee break and lunch items are pre-plated and individually wrapped and we have introduced environmentally friendly single use items to help reduce contamination.

Meeting organisers will now be given the option to have food delivered directly to their meeting room and grab and go options will also be available.

For residential delegates, physical distancing has been introduced to all of our dining areas, encouraging booking of timeslots for meals and also increasing our options for in-room dining.


Stay in Touch

For more information on the changes we are implementing at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel or to find out how we can help with your conferences and meetings, please contact our Sales Team at conferences@goldenjubilee.scot.nhs.uk.

Visit our 360 Virtual Venue Tour and take a look around the venue, here.

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During these challenging times, we want to encourage everyone to stay safe and healthy. This means taking care of both your physical and mental wellbeing.

As lockdown begins to ease, it is normal to become anxious, nervous or stressed about doing things that have not been part of your regular routine for some time. Physical distancing can affect your normal day to day activities and physical activity routines.

Our team at the Centre for Health and Wellbeing have come up with some ways in which you can take care of your physical and mental health:

      1. Taking the same route for your run, cycle or walk can become monotonous and boring and often lead to a lack of motivation. Try taking a different route to explore and stimulate your senses and concentration levels. Listen to your favourite podcast or E-book.
      2. Eat well balanced meals, drink enough water.
      3. Try to maintain your regular sleep patterns and routines. Achieving a regular 8 hours of sleep can help to maintain a healthy mind.
      4. Continue to connect with others. Maintaining relationships with people you trust is important for your mental wellbeing.
      5. Talk about your worries. This is a difficult time for everyone and sharing how you are feeling with family and friends can help. If you do not feel able to do this there are a range of helplines that can be contacted eg, Scottish Association for Mental Health
      6. Keep your mind active and do things you enjoy, focus on your favourite hobby, learning something new or taking time to write / read should give some relief from anxious thoughts and feelings.
      7. Spend time in nature. Spending time in green spaces can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing.

In a world where staying in has quickly become the new going out, people are embracing new ways of communicating online. What does this mean for the future of meetings and events, an industry centred around bringing people together?

With social distancing likely to continue after lockdown, hybrid meetings may become an effective compromise.  Events take place with a smaller live attendance whilst other participants join online.

Would delegates prefer the freedom of remote events or would they feel short-changed with the lack of interaction with others? Here, we weigh up the benefits of both the hybrid and the face-to-face meeting.

Hybrid meetings offer a more inclusive way for delegates to take part. Delegates can choose whether to attend in person at a venue or to join remotely. If travel is a problem then delegates can join the meeting virtually, cutting out travel time and costs. This increased productivity may encourage more delegates to attend whilst also reducing our carbon footprint with less numbers travelling.

Diary clashes no longer matter. The video element is easily recorded and can be made available online after the live event. This on-demand feature allows delegates to access the meeting content at a time convenient for them and they no longer miss out if they are unable to attend the original meeting.

The ease of joining hybrid meetings can widen the number of participants involved and may also attract a new audience. Delegates could be more tempted to join online first to see what’s going on – with less commitment in a virtual setting and no fear of entering an event on your own. This might encourage them to attend in person in the future.

Even remotely, delegates can still get in involved in some of the interaction offered at a live event. Two-way video chat allows participation in Q&A sessions. Various platforms such as Zoom or Slido can encourage virtual delegates to get involved through polls and online messaging can create a dialogue for those taking part remotely.

Meeting organisers are also offered a choice on how many can take part in person and online. With delegates able to join remotely, organisers can consider hiring a smaller meeting space. Meeting consumables are also reduced, with less delegate badges, printed literature and catering needed. This will no doubt cut down costs and staffing required, perhaps making it easier and more profitable for organisations to host events more regularly.

After lockdown, delegates may welcome the chance to interact with each other again and join meetings in person. The face to face meeting brings people together – communication is easier and the social aspect of conferences is a great opportunity to build relationships.

A warmer atmosphere can be conveyed face to face – from the welcome at the registration desk to the speaker being able to read body language in the room. The traditional meeting helps two-way communication flow, meaning that messages are less likely to be lost than with an online meeting.

Delegates can also engage more freely with others and network, through group discussion offered within the meeting programme or by chatting during coffee breaks. These opportunities supplement the meeting content and often the takeaways here can be just as valuable as the sessions themselves.

There are far less distractions in a conference room. Whilst there is more flexibility when joining a virtual meeting, how likely is it that a colleague may interrupt to discuss something in the office, or incoming emails become a distraction? Not to mention the countless distractions at home. In a venue, delegates can fully focus on the meeting content, switch off their phones and are less likely to wander off to make a coffee mid-presentation.

Technical issues are reduced in a face to face setting. Delegates attending in person don’t need to think about their internet connection dropping out. The pressure is also eased for the organiser as they don’t need to worry about speakers joining virtually or problems with the video syncing up with slides. Whilst many venues can offer a technician service to help with in-house equipment, they will be unlikely to help with participants having problems remotely.

There’s still so much uncertainty on how the world will look post-Coronavirus but the Golden Jubilee Conference hotel will continue to support organisers and offer options for both the hybrid and face to face meeting. Get in touch with us to find out more at conferences@goldenjubilee.scot.nhs.uk or on 0141 951 6003.