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Environmental Policy

Here at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel we are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. A symbol of this commitment is our membership of the Scottish Tourist Board's Green Tourism Business Scheme and the IACC GreenStar sustainability programme.

We are committed to improving energy and water efficiency, reducing, reusing and recycling across the business, from employees to guests and suppliers.

Our environmental policy is to:

  • develop and increase responsible purchasing methods to include sourcing products such as locally produced goods, and using suppliers that maintain ethical practices for equipment, energy and chemicals;
  • monitor energy, water and waste levels on a monthly basis and take action where necessary;
  • ensure the efficient use of energy, water and other resources, encouraging an 'environmentally responsible' attitude;
  • make our guests and staff aware of environmental issues and the responsibilities they have for the environment, through regular communication by induction, meetings, training and frequent guest information;
  • develop and maintain waste minimisation measures, including recovery and recycling activities and systems;
  • constantly seek to improve our environmental performance; and
  • promote the reduce, reuse and recycle ethos.


Our Corporate Social Responsibility Team

Our CSR team meets regularly to monitor and review our sustainable environment aims and achievements. This group has representatives from all departments within the hotel.



Our energy consumption will be continually monitored and we will improve our efficiencies in this area at every opportunity.

  • Low energy lighting has been installed in parts of the Hotel.
  • Air conditioning, including systems in guest bedrooms, is centrally controlled.
  • Heating and lighting can be isolated/turned off in unused areas.
  • A high efficiency boiler has been installed with regular checks made and recorded.
  • Passive Infra Red (PIR) lighting have been installed in parts of the Hotel.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle

We have a positive commitment to a sustainable circular economy where possible throughout the hotel.

  • Low energy LED lighting has been introduced to reduce energy.
  • All stationary is reused.
  • Cans, paper, plastic, bottles, oil, light bulbs, batteries, toner and cartridges are recycled at every occasion.
  • Guest bedrooms have recycling tags to promote recycling, reducing and reusing.



  • Use of hydration stations, including water machines to minimise water wastage.
  • Low flow showerheads fitted in bedrooms, to reduce water and energy consumption.
  • Water turned off as soon as possible.
  • Sensor taps fitted in new toilets.
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