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Conference and Event Planning Checklist

How to Plan an Event

Are you planning your own event?  Let us help with some top tips and advice.  We've highlighted key timescales below and you can also download our helpful Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel Event Planning checklist.



Ideally, high level planning should start 4-6 months ahead of your event but it's never too early to start planning a conference or event.  Major conferences may have much longer planning time cycles of 18 months or more!  This is the time to establish your event goals and objectives.  To think about the purpose of your event and what sort of venue will suit.  What sort of conference or meeting facility do you need? Theatre style, cabaret style, classroom style, boardroom style or a combination?  Outdoor spaces for team-building?  Our conference brochure gives some ideas.



3-4 Months Ahead of Event is the time to complete the detail on each key sector of your event, eg, speaker and presenter liaison, financial and administration, venue logistics and conference food, as well as publicity.


2 months prior to event, reminders and confirmations should be sent out as well as key publicity announcements. 


1 week ahead and it’s all systems go now.  It’s all about finalising the details as well as back up plans.  A Plan B or contingency back up is an essential.


The big day has arrived! Make sure you have a group chat containing contact numbers for key people including the Event Manager and Co-ordinators.  This is crucial regardless of which type of conference you are organising, be it medical, healthcare, or a company away-day.

And don’t forget to check out our Conference Supervisor’s blog  - The Top 5 Questions (and answers!) for Event Planners on THE DAY! 


Post Event

Evaluation of your event is crucial to enable you to learn for future conferences.  One of the best ways is to send out a post event survey to your delegates – you can download our sample post event survey here.


At the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we work with BDRC/VenueVerdict to obtain post event feedback from all our conference organisers and translate the data received into business intelligence that we can act on.  This allows us to keep up to date with what our clients need from a conference venue of excellence.


We also encourage conference organisers to liaise as much as possible with their dedicated event planner during their conference, as this is essential to a smooth and organised event experience.

Conference Planning Checklist – Further Support

We think we’ve covered everything you need to know about event planning and management, but our Events Team are happy to help you through the process. To ensure all your requirements are fully met, give them a call on 0141 951 6006. We are members of ABPCO.


We are also happy to suggest some options for you or to recommend experienced Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs) familiar with working in the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel.


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