Auditorium Conferences: The Top Ten Advantages


As conference delivery specialists we are in an experienced position to assess the impact of different meeting ‘set-ups’ on the overall conference.  In recent years there has been a move away from more traditional theatre style auditorium events towards cabaret style meetings.  Uniquely, we can provide both layouts at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel but we have found that a tiered auditorium has a number of advantages over the more popular round-table format and can often result in a more powerful forum, with increased delegate engagement.


    1. Your presenters, speakers or keynotes will be in the spotlight at all times.  Centre stage!  Ideal to influence, inspire and inform.
    2. Your audience will be totally captivated.  In a purpose build auditorium, the speaker has the opportunity to engage easily with each and every delegate. And your delegates will be focused on the stage and the key messages that the speaker is conveying with arguably greater attention and retention. Smaller auditoria have that cosy feel that everyone feels very much together and totally engaged.
    3. The ancient Greeks knew what they were doing when they created the oyster shell theatre.  Everybody could hear the presentations hence the name auditorium.  And in the 21st century, auditoria like ours at the Golden Jubilee, will be equipped with an integral PA system, a variety of microphones and an induction hearing loop.
    4. Comfort.  Most auditoria will have really comfy fixed tiered cinema style seating.  Designed for an 8-hour meeting.  You can also avoid the risk of your delegates sitting on banqueting chairs which are not designed for all day use. Minimising wriggling and keeping the delegates focussed on the presentations.
    5. No pillars and therefore clear sight lines.  Due to the classic design of auditoria, those irritating pillars often found in large flat floor area will be absent.  All delegates will have a great view of what is happening centre stage.  Not dissimilar to the Roman Amphitheatre, everyone can see the spectacle.  Thankfully, the gladiator combats and games have given way to more innovative and knowledge sharing events and meetings!
    6. Creates a sense of occasion.  Hard to beat the auditorium meeting for creating impact and punch. Designed to host a variety of important events such as staff briefings, religious meetings and medical symposiums or a dynamic setting to inspire your audience, the auditorium wins hands down over a seated ballroom.
    7. Ideal for ‘roving mike’ question time sessions and debating.  Robust discussion guaranteed.  Trade unions, political parties and associations will all find this format works best for debate and discussion.  Plus it is easier for the organiser to ‘work the room’, getting those microphones to the right place quickly and keeping the pace fast and seamless.
    8. The auditorium with its purpose built stage and aisle works really well when you have a number of contributors presenting papers.  You want to ensure a quick changeover from speaker to speaker, particularly if you have a tight agenda with multiple participants.  The auditorium works really well to keep the flow of change agile.  Perfect for scientific or clinical meetings.
    9. Networking!  Most auditoria will usually have a spacious meeting foyer.  Ideal for your delegates to mingle and network over coffee or lunch before or during the meeting. This is when you want your delegates to interact rather than lose focus during the presentations.  This is also where you may want to have your sponsor displays or an adjoining exhibition. The Golden Jubilee has a purpose built registration desk for the conference organiser or PCO to display name badges, goodie bags, etc.
    10. Price.  Leaving the biggest advantage to last.  Most auditoria will be priced cheaper than cabaret style meetings.  This is because the ‘set up’ charges are much less.  The tiered seats are already in-situ with an integral table arm which makes for a lot less work than assembling tables and chairs.  At the Golden Jubilee we pass that saving on to our clients, making better use of your budgets.




Often a conference will use a combination of an auditorium for shorter plenary sessions, to set the scene or to review feedback from breakout sessions.  You may, therefore, want a venue that has the optimum combination of an auditorium and breakout rooms or spaces.

We would be delighted to explore your conference objectives at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel and to help you plan your event using the best format to achieve your event or meeting outcomes.  To find out more, arrange a show round of our facilities, or enquire about a specific event, contact our friendly Sales Team on 0141 951 6003 or email

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