Are you getting the best deal from your conference venue or hotel?

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Our Sales and Revenue Manager, Eleanor Muir, gives her top tips and recommendations.

Hotel rates across the industry can fluctuate depending on varying factors and it is no different here at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel where we offer a dynamic pricing policy for our bedrooms and conferences. This can be influenced by a number of factors and rates and can change in relation to previous demand, seasonality, days of the week, and significant events taking place in the local area.


Tips and Recommendations

In this month’s blog, I would like to offer some useful hints and tips on how to get the best deal for you, and your delegates, when booking a venue for your event. While it is true that booking rates can vary hugely depending on destination and event date, these tips should help you get the best deal anytime and anywhere.

I would recommend:

  • If you can, try and book your event at off peak times. Mondays and Fridays are often the cheapest, as are the summer months and school holidays.
  • Booking directly with a venue means you will always receive the best possible rate and at the Golden Jubilee this is the best way to ensure all of your needs are met.  Using a third party agent can sometimes add to the cost and information can get occasionally get lost in translation.
  • It is usually possible to negotiate a discounted rate when booking last minute. However it is important to remember that you run the risk of missing out on your venue of choice or, worst case scenario, there may be no availability anywhere on popular dates.
  • Always consider additional costs as venues can quote very differently so don’t presume that you are comparing like for like. You need to consider if costs such as free Wi-Fi and parking are included. Look out for packages such as “day delegate” rates or “24-hour delegate” rates, as these usually represent the best value.
  • Always look out for special offers – these are limited time deals which can often let you grab a bargain, at a much lower price than usual. At the Golden Jubilee, we regularly have discounted rates if you are flexible or prepaying.
  • If you are making a series of bookings you should tell the venue from the start of the discussion as corporate rates and discounts for “bulk” bookings can usually be negotiated.


The Cheapest Option is Not Always the Best Option

It’s always tempting to go for the cheapest deal, but sometimes when prices are low it is for a reason other than value and can make for an uncomfortable stay. Where possible, you should always choose a venue that truly understands your needs and has a dedicated conference or events team.  For further info, please call our Events Team on 0141 951 6006.


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