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Sustainable Purchasing Policy

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel uses the following criteria for its sustainable purchasing :-

  • Asking suppliers for their sustainability commitment and their policy, including supporting evidence and documentation.
  • Discuss with the supplier their method of delivery and packaging.
  • Look at reducing energy and water consumption.
  • Calculate the running cost of the product.
  • Will the supplier take the goods back and recycle them? If not, consider your responsibility – the cost of disposing if it cannot be recycled.

As a purchaser we will take into account what impact it will have on the local and wider environment.

  • The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel will aim to buy environmentally and socially responsible products.
  • The welfare of animals and the environment are important to us. We aim to make a difference by buying products that show this commitment
  • We aim to reduce waste and other negative impacts on the environment.
  • Where possible we will use fair trade produce.

Sustainable purchasing should consider the environment, social and economic consequences of:

  • design;
  • non-renewable material use;
  • manufacture and production methods;
  • logistics;
  • service delivery;
  • use;
  • operation;
  • maintenance;
  • reuse;
  • recycling options;
  • disposal; and
  • suppliers' capabilities to address these issues throughout the supply chain.


  • Reduce buying, i.e. buying in bulk
  • Long life products
  • Recycled goods
  • Reduced impact
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