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Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel welcomes World Federation of Hemophilia

Aug 06, 2018



How we helped make the WFH three-day conference and training event an unrivalled success


Global National Member Organisation, 17-19 May 2018, 180 delegates


“The Golden Jubilee team was phenomenal. Our main contacts on site consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our group was well taken care of.” 

Emilie Réhel, WFH Conference Organiser


As a fully accredited and assessed Healthcare Venue, dedicated to meeting the needs of the healthcare industry, we were delighted and privileged to welcome delegates from the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel as our guests for a fantastic three-day conference and training event.


WFH provides global leadership to improve and sustain care for people with a range of inherited bleeding disorders. The organisation helps save lives by training experts in the field to properly diagnose and manage patients; advocating for adequate supply of safe treatment products; and educating and empowering people with bleeding disorders to help them live healthier, longer and more productive lives.


The conference was held from 17-19 May, 2018 and was the 10th WFH annual Global National Member Organisation training event for more than 180 delegates, taking place before WFH’s 2018 World Congress at Glasgow’s Scottish Event Campus over the following weekend.


WFH’s key requirements were:

  • An accessible property, close to the city centre/airport but without being immediately in the downtown area – the preferred option was to stay out of the city centre to ensure a more intimate surrounding.
  • Sufficient meeting space to accommodate the needs of the group (one main plenary room, four breakout rooms, three auxiliary meeting rooms, one office), sufficient onsite bedrooms for the group (200 people approximately), including shared twin rooms (with two separate beds).


The most important factors for WHF were accessibility, size of the venue, cost and location.


How we delivered on these requirements?

Excellent Communication and Attention to Detail - Following months of detailed planning with the organisers based in Montreal, Canada, numerous walkthroughs and ‘what if’ scenario planning, the organisers and delegates arrived. To ensure smooth communications between the Golden Jubilee Team and the organisers a WhatsApp group was created for the key team members on both sides. This innovative approach supported last-minute changes, requirements or messages and created an ’esprit de corps’ between the Golden Jubilee and WFH.


WFH Comments

‘A combination of factors led us to choose the Golden Jubilee. Given the size and mobility restrictions of the group, as well as the meeting space and sleeping room requirements, there were a limited number of hotels in Glasgow able to accommodate our event (even looking as far as Edinburgh).

Among the available properties, the Golden Jubilee came out on top in several areas during the selection process including accessibility, location, size, cost and staff - who were very responsive and willing to find solutions to accommodate all our needs. Also, communication was always timely and quick.’


‘We held a Banquet Dinner on the Saturday evening in the Arcoona room from 8pm-midnight. This included a three-course meal (with choice of three mains), wine and drinks, DJ and dancing. This portion was organized by our staff, with the assistance of Golden Jubilee team for F&B selection and room set-up.

The Golden Jubilee staff offered to organize a cocktail hour prior to the dinner with complimentary drinks for guests in the Central Plaza between 7-8pm, and this was very well received. Guests were able to mingle prior to the dinner. During the cocktail hour we also set up a photobooth for the photographer in the Central Plaza area. The Golden Jubilee team did a great job of setting up the banquet room with tartan on the tables, lighting, dance floor, flower centrepieces and service during dinner was great, timely and courteous.’


‘The Golden Jubilee team was phenomenal. Our main contacts on site were Kirsten Burke and Denis Flanagan, who consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our group was well taken care of. We were also helped by Vikki Hamilton, for room changes, who did a fantastic job.

Though we do not have the names of all staff on site, everyone we came into contact with, whether they were staff at the front desk, or service staff in the restaurant etc, literally everyone was helpful and always willing and available to assist on anything happening at the time, whether extra food was required at the coffee breaks, or tables and chairs needed to be setup or moved etc.

Any last minute requests, or any urgent requests, were always responded to quickly, and we were able to rely and depend on the staff throughout our week-long stay. This was very much appreciated by the entire WFH team, as well as by the participants, who underlined the courteousness and kindness of staff in their final evaluations of the event.’

Emile Réhel


Summary – Hotel Director Bronagh Bell

The WFH was our most ambitious event to date. From the moment we had the opportunity to host this unique conference, the team at the Golden Jubilee were determined to win and deliver an exceptional event, which would showcase the best of conference excellence.

Understanding what was really important to WFH was key and it was essential that we could support the diverse range of physical and cultural requirements of the delegates. 

The team at the Golden Jubilee relished this opportunity and from the onset were determined to ensure that the organisers and delegates had an amazing and unforgettable experience achieved by:


  • Understanding and exceeding our clients objectives.
  • Becoming an integral part of their team – one team!
  • Excellent communications from the first site visit through all the transatlantic planning and delivery of the event.
  • Going the extra mile for each and every delegate.
  • Planning, contingency planning and more planning!
  • And all delivered with a smile!


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