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Event & Conference Technology – Frequently Asked Questions

Apr 16, 2018

“Ask James “

james perrie


‘James’ is James Perrie, our on-site, in-high-demand, Technical Coordinator.  We asked James to compile a list of the FAQs that he comes across assisting and advising conference delegates, presenters and organisers in his daily routine.


Read James’s blog here...

Technology is constantly changing. That’s why here at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel we are always innovating to make sure our technology is cutting-edge. 


Whilst this can be quite over whelming for some, we are always on hand to make sure that you are comfortable.


In my opinion, there are never any silly questions so please feel free to ‘Ask James’ and I will try my very best to respond in a timely and helpful manner.

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On that note, here are a few 'Frequently asked technical questions'


What screen format should I use for my presentation?

There are normally two screen formats used for presenting: the old standard 4:3 or the more recent widescreen 16:9 (sometimes 16:10). At the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, the majority of our screens are now native widescreen so I would recommend that your presentations are created in this format. No need to worry though if you have created your  presentation in 4:3 it will still look good but may have black bars at either side to fill the extra space.


Will my laptop/device connect to your data projector/screens?

Yes. We can accommodate all connection types. All of our screens are HDMI compatible and we use adaptors for any other outputs. There are several different types of video connectors and there are new ones coming out all the time. It’s a good idea to let us know in advance what video output your device uses so that we can make sure we have it ready for you coming in.


Do you have Wi-Fi at the hotel?

Yes! We have free Wi-Fi access throughout the hotel and conference rooms for all of our guests. Just connect to GJCH-Public-WiFi. You don’t need a password but you will need to accept our terms and conditions via the web portal which will pop up automatically. If it doesn’t pop up, try opening up your web browser and type in a full web address in the web bar, for example:

We also have guest computers with internet access just off of our Reception area for those who wish to use them.


What is your Wi-Fi speed?

Our overall bandwidth is 100Mbps but we can’t guarantee a specific speed. As our Wi-Fi is open to all of our guests, this varies depending on how busy the hotel is. We are always monitoring the Wi-Fi and we will endeavour to allow each user enough bandwidth to browse web pages, check e-mails, use social media and stream videos without buffering.

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