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Big City Standards, Out of Town Rates, Fresh Air

Feb 01, 2018

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How do you choose the best conference venue for your needs from the dizzying array of venues on the market? 

Our Sales & Revenue Manager, Eleanor Muir, discusses the benefits of going 'Out of Town' for your conference.


Companies often think that because their head office is in the city, then their meetings and conferences should be held there too. 


However, the reality is that most people live outside the city and it’s easier for them to get to a convenient out of town venue rather than battle through city congestion.


More often than not, the out of town venue proves to be a better choice for the following reasons:


  • Ample free car parking reduces the risk of public transport problems and could reduce expenses claims.


  • You won’t lose delegates in shops and bars. We’ve all been there – everyone else is ready to get started but there’s always a couple of stragglers late back from lunch!


  • Open green spaces and fresh air promote inspirational thinking and facilitate outdoor activities and pursuits. As I wrote this, we were in the process of setting up a marquee in our grounds to host dinner for 250 delegates.


  • Walk and Talk conferences encourage a healthy, active, experience. Here at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we have our own conference garden for our delegates, as well as clearly marked walking routes along the nearby river.


  • Relaxation away from the hustle and bustle. The lack of distractions means delegates can focus solely on the ‘job in hand’.


So when you are next planning a conference, why not consider that benefits of an out of town venue to meet all your delegates’ requirements?


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