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Our Innovation Centre by James Perrie

Apr 27, 2017


In this month’s Hotel Blog, I would like to tell you a little bit more about one of the most unique aspects of the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel: our state-of-the-art Innovation Centre.


Opened in June 2015 by His Royal Highness, Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay, our high tech Innovation Centre is both a physical space, and a source of passion and energy to encourage creative ideas and working.


The room was purpose-built with collaboration in mind, to help people come together to find new ways of working. From the outset it was important to make sure that the best technology was provided, and that it was installed in a user friendly, accessible way.


We have really pushed the boundaries of the tech that is traditionally available for events, with our Innovation Centre including:

  • an 84-inch 4K LED touch screen with in-built PC and Apple TV connection;.
  • moveable partition wall with four in-built portrait touch screens; three of these work as one large screen, with the fourth running independently; and
  • two table top touch screen computers which can be beamed directly to the wall screens within the room.


Our aim is to encourage people to make use of the technology available. Presentations and demos from the table top screens can be beamed to the other screens with a double click on the wall screens: you don’t even need to stand up to give a presentation to the entire room. Our dedicated Apple TV connection for the 4K screen can be used to connect your Macbook, iPad or iPhone through Airplay, meaning you don’t need to duplicate work, send large files or use USB sticks. A double click and it’s done.

To facilitate this in other areas requires extensive cabling and lengthy set-up times; these functions are built into the Innovation Centre and are easily accessible for any event or meeting.


We are also keen to keep the room paperless to provide a free-flowing, creative and innovative environment.; slots have been built into the tables for your iPad or tablet and whiteboards are built into the screens.


At the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we believe that being creative thinkers and coming up with innovative ways to work are essential to allow us to move forward. Some of the most ground breaking innovations come from ideas which are thrown around in conversation. Our on site support and technology are just two of the measures we have put in place to make sure that these ideas can be captured and taken forward.


Our Hotel is built with the needs of delegates and event organisers in mind, and the Innovation Centre is just one example of this. If you would like to find out more, please click here.

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