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Golden Jubilee Research Showcase 2016: Case Study

Feb 27, 2017

Golden Jubilee Research Showcase 2016: Case Study


As a key member of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, and our 2020 Vision to provide specialist services to medical, pharmaceutical and tech industry events, we recently hosted the 2016 Golden Jubilee Research Showcase.


About the Event

The event brought together healthcare professionals from around the UK for a series of presentations and sessions from key opinion leaders, focusing on the cutting-edge medical research being carried out at the Golden Jubilee. It also included a keynote speech from Professor Ian Ford, Professor in Biostatistics at the University of Glasgow and an internationally renowned expert in the design, conduct, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials.


The one day event featured more than 12 presentations across a range of topics including:

• Cardiac Surgery (including transplantation);
• Anaesthetics and Critical Care;
• Thoracic Surgery;
• Pulmonary Vascular disease;
• Advanced Heart Failure Service;
• Adult Congenital Cardiac studies;
• Orthopaedics;
• Cardiology;
• Making the most out of Clinical Studies; trials, registries, biobanks, record linkage and epidemiology; and
What were their needs?
The main requirements for the event were:
• A tiered auditorium with reliable audio visual (AV) equipment and WIFI;
• Suitable space to allow filming of the event;
• Access to Clinical Training facilities;
• Presentation space with high-res display screen for Poster event;
• First class food and beverage service for large numbers of delegates.
• Restaurant for black tie dinner;
• Reliable Travel Links;
• Suitable accommodation for VIP guests; and
• Corporate exhibition space.


How we delivered on their requirements

The Research Showcase used the 174 seat tiered auditorium as the main presentation space for the event, along with the registration desk as a point of contact for all delegates.


The event also made use of the clinical training and education spaces available in our on-site Research Institute, to provide hands on sessions and workshops.


The event also utilised our state of the art Innovation Centre, using the high resolution 4K touch screen to facilitate the clinical poster presentation and judging session. The space also allowed a series of display boards with physical copies to be displayed for delegates to view at their leisure.


Our Central Plaza area also allowed event sponsors to set up exhibition stands to network and meet with medical professionals from a variety of disciplines across the UK.


Previous similar events have made use of the Live Links to the hospital's Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory and Theatres. This allowed the delegates to beam direct from the auditorium into the Golden Jubilee National Hospital Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratories and Theatres, observing real-time procedures and communicating directly with the team involved from the Auditorium.


Social Programme
To ensure the event sponsors were receiving value for money, and given appropriate access to delegates at the event itself, we organised a bespoke black tie dinner in our Waterhouse Restaurant to allow them to network with members of the Golden Jubilee Hospital Executive and Board members, as well as key clinicians involved with the Research Institute.


What did they say?
Catherine Sinclair, Research and Development Manager said: "The Golden Jubilee National Hospital is dedicated to leading quality, research and innovation on behalf of the NHS in Scotland.


"The Research Showcase featured in-depth sessions and presentations from opinion leaders in healthcare from across our specialities, including heart failure, cardiology, orthopaedics, thoracics, anaesthetics and critical care.


"We have a proven track record in delivering innovations in research for patients around the country, most recently playing key roles in studies investigating: the benefits of MultiPoint Pacing for Cardiac Resyncronisation Therapy; the Transform Study into a new type of minimally invasive lung valve for emphysema; and the development of a Remote Control Knee Device for monitoring patient's progress after discharge from orthopaedic surgery.


"Welcoming partners from across the NHS, academia and the private sector, working alongside our colleagues at the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, we were able to welcome our sponsors and VIP guests the evening before for a black tie dinner, providing additional opportunities for networking and socialising regarding future opportunities and potential partnerships.


"We have since had a chance to review feedback of the day itself, and the response was very positive. The Central Plaza provided the perfect location for mingling and discussion between sessions, and the Auditorium was the ideal setting for the lectures and presentations. The top quality audio visual set up not only allowed us to have interactive presentations on screen, but provided excellent sound quality to allow the event to be filmed, which will allow us to share our learning and best practice as we move forward. One of the highlights of the day was our Poster Exhibition in the Innovation Centre, with hard copies of the posters being displayed around the room, along with formal presentations to a panel of judges, showing the breadth and scope of the work we are undertaking at the Golden Jubilee Foundation.


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