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Walking the tightrope

Jul 22, 2016

This month: Bronagh Bell, Director of the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, introduces our new Conference Hotel blog


bronagh.jpgWelcome to the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel's first blog. To introduce this new feature, I wanted to talk about the juggling act that we venues have to perform to make every meeting a happy meeting!


Meeting the priorities of both conference organisers and delegates is a careful balancing act, but delivering fantastic customer and guest satisfaction is a tightrope which all expert venues need to walk!


As any experienced Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) will tell you, you need to be a ringmaster to make your event go without – or with – a hitch! Whether you are an "in house" organiser or from one of the many dedicated companies who specialise in delivering events, you need to pack your trunk expertly to ensure you meet the requirements of your clients.


Making sure you have the right venue is the key to making your audience cheer with delight. Whilst delegates can often measure the success of the conference on the sumptuousness of the food, the quality of their sleep experience including the velocity of the shower and how easy it is to access their social media channels and fitness regime. For the organiser of the event however, there are a myriad of practical questions to consider:

  • What is the capacity, size and versatility of the venue/room?
  • Is the venue location easily accessible for delegates by car, public transport or from the airport?
  • Is there reliable and fast free wifi?
  • Can the Hotel or Venue meet their budget expectations.
  • Is there in house technical and audio visual support?
  • Is the venue compliant for any specific needs, such as sustainability, equality and diversity or the APBI code.
  • Is it available on the dates that they want.
  • Do they have a track record of keeping delegates happy?


A dedicated and joined up conference and events team will work at getting the balance right for both the organising team and the delegates. The team at the Golden Jubilee like great staff in other great venues such as 'Venues of Excellence' members, perform great juggling acts on a daily basis.


A bit like circus acts, we've had lots of weird and wonderful requests over the years. We will always go the extra mile to accommodate our guests' requests, such as the time a keynote speaker was talking about Japanese lavatory technology and needed a toilet seat as a prop. Luckily the housekeeping department had a few spares. And there was the time that a member of the reception team lent her skirt to a speaker who had forgotten to pack her business attire. Now that was really going the extra mile.


In the coming months, this blog will share more of our experience and expertise in hosting and organising events for the public and private sector and for clients from across the globe.


Until then, please feel free to browse our website or contact us directly for any further information or advice; our tent – sorry, doors - are always open!

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