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Big changes at the Beardmore

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The Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre has announced earlier this week that they will be rebranding as the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel in January 2016.

The rebrand supports the hotel’s 2020 vision to continue developing as an internationally recognised conference centre of excellence.

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel will be at the heart the Golden Jubilee Foundation, the new brand name for the family of facilities which also includes the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, the Golden Jubilee Research Institute and Golden Jubilee Innovation Centre.

Director of the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre, Bronagh Bell, said: “This announcement marks the next stage in our evolution as a provider of first-class meeting and hospitality services. Our shared campus means that our clients, guests and delegates not only have access to our custom-built facilities, but to state-of-the art research and clinical skills suites, live audio visual links and our new Innovation Centre.

“We are delighted to be a core part of the Golden Jubilee Foundation, which will allow the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel to keep finding pioneering ways to support high level international, medical and innovative conferences and events.”

The Beardmore will transition into the new brand over the next few months, officially becoming the Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel on 11 January 2016. The hotel will still be running business as usual, welcoming and serving regular clients and guests from across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

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